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Bengalis Killed The Floppy Disk

That day, I was at a computer store, and a typical "Bangali babu" came in. He wanted a hard disk.

Typical Bengalis have a pronunciation that can kill Englishmen.

So this guy wanted a hard disk. The typical Bengali will pronounce an "sk" as a "ks", or an "x". So this guy, who wanted a hard disk, asked the guy:

"Dada, hard disk achhé?"

Which in English, is:

"Dude, do you have a hard disk?"

Except that when he said disk, he, like all Bengalis, pronounced the "sk" as a "ks".

So Disk became Diks.


And his question became:

"Dada, hard dicks achhé?"

In English:

"Dude, you got hard dicks?"

It wouldn't stop at that. Poor shopkeeper, he kept hard disks of varying capacities. So he replied,

"Koto boro chai?"

Which in English would loosely mean, "How big do you want?"

Now the word "boro", in proper Bengali means big. In everyday Bengali, it also means long.

No wonder people don't want floppy disks anymore.