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The Return Of The Prodigial Son

After some years of hopping domains, this blog is back where it started, at

The reason for this is half financial, and half aesthetic. I used to own a couple of domains (including, and, the last of which I'd picked up for free for a year via the GitHub Student Developer Pack), but paying for the renewal of all of these domains every year is expensive, especially when I'm still a student without a steady source of income. Also, the main reason for keeping the additional domains around was to have a proper "professional" e-mail ID, which I now have courtesy of KDE. I can finally consolidate around one domain,

So now that I've had the time to cook up a semi-decent set of templates and a design for the blog, I'm using Pelican, which is a static site generator written in Python, to generate this site. The templates are Jinja2, the CSS is hand-written (no LESS or SCSS foo), and that swanky little logo was cooked up with a photo of my fancy signature (you can't use that with my bank, sorry) taken on my 2013 Moto G and hacked around with in GIMP. The CSS is mobile-first, so the site should still look semi-decent in IE6 as well as on phones. The font is Intel's Clear Sans, which I love.

I've also finally gotten a writing workflow which I'm comfortable with. I use GitHub's Atom to write, and while Atom is slow to start up, the writing environment and colours are very soothing. I'm very finicky about my text-editors, and I love Atom, even more than I love Sublime Text. With Pelican, you can use reStructuredText (or even AsciiDoc, if you prefer) to write your posts, but I like and write in Markdown. The entire site is a git repository, and it's available on GitHub, if you want to take a look. Anyway, once I've written a post, git commit-ed and git push-ed, Travis-CI automatically pulls in my site, builds the static pages and pushes them to the gh-pages branch. Yep, this is totally geeked out. I'd gotten the idea from Torrie, who too uses Pelican and has her site deployed by CircleCI instead of Travis. I just found Travis easier to configure.

Now that I finally have a writing environment that pleases my OCD as well as integrates well with my command-line based workflow, I should finally start writing more regularly. Let's see how this goes.