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Looking Forward to 2017: Life After College

On December 16th, 2016, at 4:45 PM, I stepped outside the gates of my university for the last time. I was delighted beyond measure, but I was still somewhat apprehensive since a few aspects of life after university - including my six-month mandatory internship - was still up in the air. Today, I'm finally able to have some clarity on the upcoming year and make some plans and resolutions.

Plans for KDE: The eV, Sysadmin and the Community Working Groups

In December last year, I started working on Propagator, a daemon to automatically sync all our Anongit and GitHub mirrors with out master Git server. It's already in use handling syncs to the GitHub mirror. In 2017, I will finally finish up the Anongit bits and introduce another layer of abstraction that will enable the service to be able to sync repositories hosted by Phabricator.

This year I've also started working on a replacement for KDE Identity. The ageing service should sometime over the year be replaced by a newer, faster and less buggy service that has built in protection to prevent spammers from signing up. This will be powered by fancy statistics and even a bit of machine learning.

I joined the Community Working Group this November but haven't had much time to look at things yet. I will finally devote some time to the Community WG this year, see what there is to be done and hopefully finish them.

And finally, I plan to attend the next KDE e.V. AGM in 2017, even if I don't attend the rest of Akademy. What I may have to contribute to the proceedings will be seen over the year leading up to the event.

Life as an Ausländer

My university requires me to complete a six-month mandatory internship to qualify for my Bachelor of Technology degree. While placement season had started in college as early as the middle of August, I wanted a very specific location and a very specific profile. None of the profiles on offer in the campus placements were to my satisfaction at all.

I decided to go job hunting of my own. During my visit to Berlin this September, I spoke to a few people. A contract from one company was obtained right after I returned from the GSoC Mentor Summit in November. AIESEC arranged for a work permit by the first week of December. And today, I went to the Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in New Delhi to collect my visa.

So I'm happy to be able to announce that I'm going to be moving to Munich and start working at eGym GmbH on the 15th of January 2017, as a mandatory intern working on backend infrastructure for their platform of smart gym devices.

I plan to use this time to see as much of Europe as I can afford to, and hopefully return with memories that will last me a lifetime.

Until next year, tschau!

My 2016 - A Year in Numbers

All over the world, the state of affairs in 2016 was universally bad. More people than ever died from terrorist attacks, and the world rewound hundreds of years in socio-economic spheres. But while the world crashed and burned, my year started well and ended up being the most memorable one in my 22 years of existence yet.

I cannot write all the stories that made this year so memorable. Some of them are long and boring, some are only meaningful to me, and some just cannot be told. But what I can try to do is use numbers. Numbers cannot be misinterpreted, and they tell a story.

So here goes.

1. Travel

I love travelling more than anything else in the world, and 2016 was the year when my travelling life really took off.

In January, I ended up making two round-trips between home and my university to attend the weddings of two of my cousins.

In March, I went to my first ever KDE conference - 2016, at the Lakshmi Narayan Mittal Institute of Information Technology in Jaipur. There I fell sick and had to trudge back home, again.

Ever since becoming a member of the KDE Community I wanted to attend an Akademy, and in May I finally applied for and obtained my first ever passport to go and attend this year's event in Berlin. I went.

And finally in October, I went to the United States of America to attend the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit at Google's offices in Sunnyvale.

The numbers for my travels this year are impressive:

  • 52,188 kilometres flown
  • 9,047 kilometres travelled by train, in 2 countries.
  • 10 different kinds of aircraft flown.
  • 9 airports visited, in 6 countries.
  • 7 passport stamps obtained from 3 countries.
  • 4 classes of travel experienced in Indian trains.
  • 3 foreign countries transited through.
  • 2 foreign countries visited.
  • 2 visas obtained.
  • 2 North Atlantic crossings made.
  • 1 passport obtained.
  • 1 aeroplane cockpit visited.

2. Academic and Professional Life

This year, my academic life was a roller-coaster of successes and failures. I failed my first ever course in college and had to repeat it, but I had incredibly good grades in the subjects I did manage to complete.

My professional life saw nothing but success this year, however, as I worked as an intern over the summer while simultaneously mentoring a student through Google Summer of Code. I also managed to obtain multiple job offers, and signed a contract which would see me start working straight after the end of university this year.

The numbers are:

  • ₹50,000 made in salaries from working 2 months.
  • 155 active members of KDE e.V. decided on me as their 156th member.
  • 15 courses completed in college.
  • 8 talks given or unconference sessions chaired.
  • 3 job offers obtained.
  • 3 conferences attended.
  • 2 job contracts signed.
  • 1 job resigned from.

3. Personal Life

For me, 2016 was an year of major changes in my value system, thought processes, and personal and familial circumstances. The two months that I spent in Gurgaon working, the 2 weeks that I spent abroad, and some meaningful interactions with so many people spread throughout the year made measurable changes in who I am today from who I was a year ago.

As usual, the numbers:

  • €220 saved up from my earnings to spend in Germany.
  • 2 very expensive birthday treats given.
  • 2 incredible sunsets witnessed while flying over Baku.
  • 1 drink at a 5-star hotel's bar.
  • 1 episode of major depressive disorder endured.
  • 1 piece of designer clothing bought with my first ever salary.
  • 1 incredible friendship formed under once-in-a-lifetime circumstances.

In the year that was, the highs where higher than ever and the lows were lower than ever. I learnt a thing or two about living life to the best of my abilities, not being sorry for things that I wanted to happen but which didn't, and handling everyday life when my mind just didn't want to co-operate. I learnt to not run away from my emotions, but to embrace them, feel them, and harness them.

And most of all, I formed some very meaningful bonds with new people. For all of you who are part of the many stories behind the numbers above, you have my undying gratitude, and lots of love.

I can only hope that 2017 will be as good a year for me as 2016 was.

Till next time, tschau!